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Avocados from Mexico (AFM) Confirms For Advertising In Super Bowl 2017

The US’s main offering avocado brand Avocados from Mexico (AFM) has declared it will publicize amid one year from now’s 51st Super Bowl, for the third year running.

The brand’s presentation advertisement at the 49th Super Bowl “First Draft Ever” (which you can watch in full underneath) was an amaze hit, getting the best discussion online of the considerable number of promotions disclosed. Alvaro Luque, the brand’s leader, told Business Insider that it agreed with – or perhaps prompted to – the organization’s most elevated ever top in deals in 2015.

At the point when AFM came back to 2016’s 50th Super Bowl with “Avocados in Space” (likewise in full beneath) it was meaning to achieve 80% piece of the pie, a number which it has now outperformed, the brand’s executive Kevin Hamilton told Business Insider.

For one year from now, Hamilton told Business Insider that the informing in the advertisement will be centered around on the way that avocados are solid, something which the organization has not expressly been allowed to do in the past because of “dated” guidelines set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Hamilton clarified what the FDA as of late changed and how it influences AFM. Past to the change, the FDA did not mull over the proportion of good-to-terrible fats in a specific sustenance, this implied AFM was not permitted to market its avocados (which for the most part contain great fats) as solid.

In the official statement for the brand’s up and coming Super Bowl promotion, the organization expresses: “AFM’s nourishing story relates with a late general wellbeing proposal from the US Food and Drug Administration to rethink the expression “solid” on sustenance names and sustenances … Since avocados contribute prevalently great fats like mono and polyunsaturated fat, they are presently regarded sound.”

Talking about the up and coming promotion for the 2017 spot, Hamilton likewise said: “will concentrate on the wellbeing and health message, I think imperatively to note is that we’re unquestionably going to adhere to a tone of advertisement that has worked for us, but at the same time is all the more essentially adjusted to who the brand is. We’re a brand that is about great circumstances, and we keep on bringing that to our group of buyers.”

In a messaged proclamation, a representative for the organization said: “Our interest in Super Bowl is a piece of our continuous advertising way to deal with strengthen our image benefits, including our beginning, year-round openness and showcasing the great fats that avocados add to our weight control plans.”

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