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What’s the cure for sorrow in old individuals? A sparkling new Audi R8, that is the thing that! That is the message in Audi’s Super Bowl business this year, which is entitled “Officer.” The 60-second spot plays up the redemptive force of Audi, much like 2013’s “Prom,” yet this treatment is significantly more clear here. A maturing space explorer sits miserably in the midst of indications of his previous magnificence. His child comes to visit, brings the old man outside, and gives him the way to a R8. The administrator gets in the driver’s seat and is reclaimed to his rocket-flying days. The motor revs, a grin crosses his face, the Audi speeds along a void street under a full moon. Will he test its guaranteed 205-mph beat speed? Perhaps he will.

Audi’s office scores a touch of additional strength by utilizing David Bowie’s “Starman” as the soundtrack. Look at the developed adaptation (90 seconds) underneath:

Learn more about the Audi R8:

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